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The dermatologist will help you online

Most skin problems can be diagnosed and treated using online questionnaires, photos and videos. eClinic's dermatologists, led by Carsten Sauer Mikkelsen and his certified skin clinic, give you answers to your questions and the treatment you need today.

Book a consultation quickly and easily

The messaging service is quick and easy - it often lasts with a good picture and a description. If more in-depth consultation is required, the specialist can invite you to a video consultation.

It will take approx. 5 minutes to complete the form, but should you be canceled you can find it again in your order history.
You will usually receive a diagnosis and written information via email by the end of the next business day. Often there will also be a link to an instructional video. You open this with a code via your mobile.

If you need prescription drugs to treat your skin problem, your doctor will prescribe you a prescription. You can then pick up the medicines at any pharmacy in Norway. If you prefer a video consultation where you can talk to your dermatologist, you can also order this.

Get help when you need it

There is a shortage of dermatologists (dermatologists) in Norway. When you experience skin problems, you want clarification within a short time.

Depending on what kind of skin problems you have and where you live, the waiting time in public can be anywhere from 3 to 9 months. In some cases, patients have also waited for more than a year for access to a specialist.

There is no point in getting help 8 months after an outbreak, you need a specialist immediately so that the right treatment can be started. If it is a long-term problem, you also want regular follow-up.

GPs are learning more and more about the most common skin problems, but they are not specialists.

Over time, untreated skin problems can worsen, and in the worst case, develop into more serious conditions that take a long time to treat.

Dermatology is particularly suitable for remote consultations.

Experienced specialists in skin and venereal diseases.

In our eClinic, we have built up a broad service in collaboration with Carsten Sauer Mikkelsen and his certified skin clinic in Denmark. He has worked at a number of Norwegian hospitals and clinics and published many Publications on current topics. Carsten and his Norwegian partner Kristian Bakke Arvesen can practice in both Denmark and Norway.

Treatment from a dermatologist via messaging service

Our dermatologists treat many of their patients based on the patient's description and sharp images of the problem area. Maybe your skin problems can also be solved so easily. 

Based on input from patients in several age groups, we have added something extra in our eClinic to improve the user experience. We have developed good treatment procedures and a number of videos that explain the most important skin diseases and how they should be treated. The patient gets access to these as part of the treatment procedure.

What kind of help do you get from your dermatologist?

The first thing your dermatologist will do is map out your medical history, your symptoms and how long you have had them. You are often asked questions about what illnesses you have had in the past, what medications you use, and what the medical history of your family looks like. This is to be able to give you the right treatment.

The survey

Based on information received from you, the dermatologist will look at the pictures or video. To get a more comprehensive picture of your skin problems, they may want to examine or ask follow-up questions about other areas of your body than just the affected areas.

Video consultation with a dermatologist

If you want to talk to one of our dermatologists on video, you can reserve an appointment here. Our dermatologists can treat all skin diseases and ailments as well as prescribe medicines if necessary for the treatment.

Although the vast majority of patients can be diagnosed and treated via digital consultations, in some cases additional examinations will be needed. This can be, for example, skin tests or blood tests.

treatment Plan

Once the dermatologist has made a diagnosis, you will receive a treatment plan. You will get a good explanation of how the treatment will take place and what to do. A treatment plan may include, but is not limited to, the use of topical medications (applied to the skin), medications in tablet form, and simple surgery.

Further reference

If there is a need for further investigation or the dermatologist believes that the skin problems may be related to other, underlying diseases, you will be given a further referral. This can be for a specific examination such as MRI or ultrasound, or for another specialist.

Is there a difference between public and private dermatologist services?

The differences are mostly in waiting time and how to get an appointment. In the public sector, a referral from the GP or another doctor must be available before you are assigned an appointment, while in private practices you book the appointment yourself.

. Due to subsidies, you also pay a somewhat lower deductible at public dermatologists.

You do not need a referral from a private dermatologist, and you can easily book an appointment yourself. This way you can get faster treatment and prevent the skin problem from getting worse or developing into a dangerous skin disease. You also release the mental strain by worrying over time about what is causing the problem.

Contact us

Get in touch to learn more about our services and how they can be adapted to fit into different insurance and occupational health services.

Symptom checker

eClinics Symptom Checker is an advanced AI tool with 880 diagnoses. It gives you an overview of possible causes of your symptoms and health problems. You will receive advice on what to do next.

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