1) General Terms of Sale and Terms of Use

Updated: December 2021

Business information

About the business

Advanced Medical Support (AMS) provides through subsidiaries, and the eClinic brand, services in patient transport, online medical consultations and medical emergency services. eClinic offers via websites access to medical services and medical specialists in the form of telemedicine such as video consultations, messages and advice. 

Product information and price

eClinic sells doctor and specialist consultations online. 

All prices are stated in Norwegian kroner and are shown both inclusive and exclusive VAT. 
The total cost of the purchase will appear before the final order, and include all costs 
associated with the purchase, such as fees, charges and delivery costs. 


eClinic reserves the right to make unintentional errors in the description of price and information about the goods / services on the pages. Contact us if you have any questions. You will find contact information at the top of this document or on our website, eclinic.ai 

Terms and conditions

Our services are provided as a video or telephone consultation, and consultation based on
exchange of information in a secure environment.


eClinic requires payment for the service from the time the service is ordered and confirmed by
the customer. Upon confirmed appointment booking, the agreed amount will be deducted from your payment card.

Where we use a partner for a medical consultation, our contractual partners can have
other payment and cancellation procedures. The conditions are made available to the payer within
the time of purchase. Familiarize yourself with the terms of sale by reading the relevant
the subcontractor's sales condition when ordering.

Personal information

eClinic processes personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act. Information that can
linked to you as a person will never be made available to other businesses or be linked
with other external register. More detailed information on obtaining and storing
personal information can be found under Privacy Statement (at the bottom of the website).

Card information

When you shop at eClinic, the payment is processed by Stripe, which is a secure electronic payment solution for Visa and Mastercard / Eurocard. All card information is stored in accordance with your card company's regulations.

Routines for cancellation / Not met at the agreed time

If the time of the consultation (the booked hour) does not suit, you can cancel
hour by logging in to your account. You received login details for your account in your email
when booking the class. The class must be canceled no later than 24 hours before the agreed time. The amount will be
refunded in full on the payment card you used. 

If you do not show up for an booked hour, you are not entitled to a refund of the amount paid. You can
book a new class, but must then pay full price for this.
As a user of the services, you agree that you do not have a right of cancellation / cancellation
consultations agreed on the same day and for video meetings canceled later than 24
hours before they are to start. 


These terms regulate the relationship between AMS eClinic AS ("eClinic") and the member / members of eClinic ("the member / members") 

1 Registration

1.1 Agreement on membership is made by registration on the website https://eclinic.ai/medlem 

1.2 All members must be registered with year of birth, email and a mobile phone number 

2 Membership types - private

2.1 Individual member: All persons over 16 years of age.     

2.2 Family member: Up to 5 named persons in a family, of which one person is defined as the main member (account owner). 

The memberships with associated benefits and benefits are personal and for private use. 

3 Membership levels

3.1 Upon registration, everyone is registered with TRYGG membership. 

3.2 Over time, more membership levels will be developed based on an upgrade principle. This means that you get access to several services that also include the services defined at lower levels. 

3.3 The member services will be in a continuous development, but it is the conditions at the time of purchase that apply until the next due date unless otherwise explicitly stated (ex upgraded services that are included).

3.4 Upgrading to higher levels can be done at any time.   

4 Member benefits and purchased additional services

4.1 The membership benefits and purchased additional services are personal and for private use only. 

4.2 It is the persons named at all times who hold the rights to the membership benefits and the services purchased. A more detailed description can be found under the description of the individual member levels. 

5 Changes / transfer

5.1 Changes to personnel of registered members are made via a separate user account on eClinic.ai 

5.2 The memberships are personal and non-transferable. 

6 Duration / validity

6.1 All membership levels are ordered for 1 year at a time and are automatically renewed until termination.  

7 Prices

7.1 The prices in force at any given time are published on www.eclinic.ai/member. Different promotions may occur. 

7.2 All prices are annual and are automatically renewed on the expiry date. 

7.2 Changes in the price of current services will be notified at least 1 month before the renewal date. 

8 Payment

8.1 All payment is made in advance per. month or per. years (discounted) via payment device arranged on the portal https://eclinic.ai/medlem. Payment confirmation is issued automatically.

8.2 No services can be required to be delivered before a valid payment has been registered.   

8.3 Paid fee / membership fee is considered due and will not be refunded unless otherwise stated under the various membership packages. 

9 Termination

9.1 The member may terminate the membership via the membership portal at any time. 

9.2 eClinic may terminate the membership with immediate effect if the membership fee is not paid within the expiry of the due date specified in the payment reminder or in the event of misuse described in more detail under the various membership levels. 

10 Communication

10.1 All dialogue with the member takes place digitally and is in Norwegian or English for those who wish. 

10.3 eClinic reserves the right to broadcast relevant information about membership and services in the digital channel that is most appropriate 

11 Misuse / loss of services

11.1 Use of the service in violation of the membership terms may result in exclusion

12 Amendment of the Terms

12.1 eClinic may change terms and prices upon renewal. The changes will take effect upon renewal and will be notified at least 1 month in advance. 

12.2 eClinic may terminate all or part of the membership scheme and will then refund a proportionate share of the membership fee if the membership benefits cannot be maintained for a paid period. 


A1 Detailed description of the benefits and possible limitations

A1.1 Free use of AI symptom checks adapted to Scandinavian conditions and languages 

A1.2 Free follow-up interviews with a nurse 

A1.3 10% discount on consultations with doctors and specialists 

A1.4 Self-help services in mental health  

A1.5 Mental health: - 10% discount on a conversation with a psychologist 

A1.6 Relevant articles on health and useful portals 

A2 Price and payment

A2.1 Annual fee of NOK 49 for individual members and NOK 99 for family membership. The amount is charged in full upon registration. 

A2.2 Payment is made directly via payment solution at www.eclinic.ai/member 

A3 Right of withdrawal, cf. the Right of Withdrawal Act

9.1 Membership is considered to have commenced from the time registration has taken place.  

9.2 There is no right of cancellation of the registration fee TRYGG in accordance with the Right of Withdrawal Act §22, paragraphs c and n 


B1 Detailed description of the services and any restrictions

The services are based on the services in «TRYGG» and in addition there are: 

B1.1 Direct access to the Medical Control Center by telephone 24 hours a day 

B1.2 Mental health: - 20% discount on a conversation with a psychologist 

B1.3 20% discount on specialist consultations. 

B2 Price and payment

B2.1 Prices:  

B2.2 No membership services can be claimed until all payments have been approved. 

B3 Right of withdrawal, cf. the Right of Withdrawal Act

3.1 Membership is considered to have commenced from the time registration has taken place.  

3.2 Right of withdrawal form and procedure, cf. the Right of Withdrawal Act (14 days) is attached to the order. Refund of amount paid is subject to a manual process and may take up to 30 days from receipt. 

3.3 If a service has been actively used, the Right of Withdrawal lapses. 

B4 Misuse / loss of services

B4.1 Can be introduced later