Take ownership of your own time and everyday life with self-management, more self-control and new self-regulation skills. Self- management is the ability to regulate your emotion, thoughts and behaviors effectively in different situations.

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kr 1,190.00 45 minutes

Through a long pandemic, self-management has emerged as perhaps the most important feature of the home office. Taking ownership of your own time and everyday life creates the life you want to live. Furthermore, through a consultation with eClinic’s organizational psychologist, you will receive help, advice and guidance in developing routines and structures that will increase your self-control and self-regulation skills. Live a better life with more self-management! It facilitates and will make it way easier for you to make better choices and implement what you want to accomplish. Get a higher level of self-management, through activities we will practice. You will receive some great advice and counselling from a professional to map out and prepare the changes steps you need to take.

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