Messaging Service - Dermatologist

kr 730.00

Dermatologist consultation through secure message exchange. You will recieve an e-mail with secure code to the answer from the dermatologist.

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Messaging Service - Dermatologist

Our dermatologists can diagnose and prescribe the right treatment via message exchange and photos in over 60% of cases with skin problems.
If the dermatologist can not make a diagnosis based on the information you submit, you will be contacted without incurring additional costs.

After you have paid for the service, you will have access to a questionnaire.
Fill out the form as accurately as possible and attach two sharp images. Once you have completed this and submitted the order, you will receive an e-mail with conclusions as well as any diagnosis and treatment procedure by the end of the next working day. If necessary, there will be a link to an instructional video for treatment guidance. The reply message is secured, it contains a link that you open with a code via your mobile. If your doctor has prescribed prescription drugs, you can pick them up at any pharmacy in Norway.

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