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With our message service, you get an answer from the psychologist within 48 hours.

Enter your question and receive feedback with good advice and input. The psychologist will send you a written reply by e-mail with information by the end of the next working day. Reply mail will come from a noreply address. The email contains a link that you open with a code for your mobile phone. 

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eClinic's psychologist service

What can we help you with?

eClinic's psychologist service offers help, advice and support where you are - whether you only need advice on a single issue, or need a longer conversation.

It is completely non-binding to book a call.

eClinic is here for you, when you need it!

Internal restlessness / anxiety

Sometimes we may experience anxiety.
Then it can be useful to take measures to reduce the unrest and get more balance in everyday life.
We investigate and proceed!

Stress and worry

If you have felt stressed and/or worried over a period of time, it can be helpful to sort out your thoughts and feelings. Get new mental tools to de-stress and deal with worries!


If you feel sad and down, there is a lot we can help you with in eClinic. Online therapy for depression (ICBT) is as effective as traditional consultation. Let us help you!

The pandemic made us more socially isolated than ever before. If you feel social anxiety and/ or loneliness, it is useful to talk about it and get good advice on effective measures you can take.

Challenging relationships in private life or at work can over time be experienced as very difficult.

With us you can get valuable input and advice from a neutral professional who can help!


If you have challenges with poor sleep quality, spend a long sleep time falling a sleep og experience frequent awakenings, it can be very useful with assessment, professional input, information and advice on effective means!

Difficult relationships, conflicts and / or crises in private or in your everyday work can have a negative effect on you. We can give you input, advice and guidance on how to best handle and navigate in such circumstances.


Taking ownership of your own time and everyday life, get in control and be more in charge over the life you live! Creating and learning how to change routines will structure your life and give you more time and energy.

Sharing your thoughts and hardships around a loss, a crisis, a breakup or a betrayal is in itself healing. It can also be helpful tolearn more about the different phases of grief you might be going through and how to best deal with these stages. We are here for you!

Executive interview

When you want development and time to reflect on your own leadership, an organizational psychologist can help you with input and advice on how to manage your own strengths and the company's resources in a better way. Get useful inspiration and tools for your own leadership development."


Life offers challenging periods where we can become more maladjusted, insecure and vulnerable.

This can affect self-image, self-esteem and self-confidence.

Do you want to strengthen your self-esteem?

Get in touch today for a consultation with a psychologist!

Mental health care

We at eClinic have a holistic approach when it comes to helping you.

There are several factors that affect the body and mind, and often there are several incidents or events that together affect our state of mental health.

In order to be able to assist you optimally and adapt advice and any course of treatment to your specific needs, it is necessary to gather information through a questionnaire and an initial conversation of our therapy session.

We also have several evidence-based self-help programs that we would recommend you take a closer look at. These target typical challenging behaviors we want to address and change.

It can be smart to use these at an early stage as self-help or in parallel with you getting help in therapeutical consultations to clarify and carry out a custom-made plan for you.

Clinical psychologist specialized in organizational psychology, Rikke Gjerde Kvaale: Mental health care for eClinic members.

Why contact a psychologist

When thoughts, feelings and / or behavior change due to strain, distress and tear over time, it can be very useful to get professional input on the situation you are in. You can get guidance, support and advice on routines, structures, strategies and practice tools that can be small steps towards increased mental health and life quality.

These small moves could make a bigger difference than you think.

Prioritize your mental well-being and set aside time for yourself! Let`s together explore what you're struggling with. We can work towards finding out what you are missing, in need of or want in your life.

Who are these services suitable for?

To use our mental health services, you must be over 18 years old.

Mental Health Service FAQ

It can be useful to get help from a professional conversation partner when you have known over time that thoughts and feelings affect you in everyday life and / or go beyond your sleep. Seek help when you experience discomfort, reduced activity level or functioning at work / privately and when it drains you of energy and profits. If you have severe mental symptoms, such as severe depression, substance abuse or psychosis problems and / or suicidal thoughts, we recommend that you contact your GP or psychiatric emergency room.

Yes, there is an age limit of 18 years to be able to book a conversation with a psychologist / therapist, see more information on the page that deals with mental health.

Yes, a digital consultation at eClinic is the same as a physical hour with a therapist / psychologist. Our experienced psychologists and therapists have worked digitally for a long time and research shows that digital conversation therapy has as good an effect as ordinary conversation therapy in a physical office.

If you order a digital consultation with us, the first consultation will be a conversation mapping of 45 minutes where we get to know you and what you want input on. Here we will uncover what you find challenging as well as what you need further help and create goals and a plan. Sometimes 1-3 consultations with advice, support and guidance are enough, other times you need more time. It depends on the scope and duration of the problem. Topics we usually handle in therapy is the need for change, depression, the long-term effects of a pandemic, stress, exhaustion and burnout, anxiety, conflicts, relational/couple difficulties, stress/strain in the family or at work, crisis, grief, loss, loneliness. Furthermore, other topics you need to adress in a session with a professional therapist.

Medical hotline - 24/7/365

In some situations, it is important to talk to professionals. Our virtual medical control center offers subscription services or white label services, provided by experienced nurses and doctors.