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Artificial intelligence helps you and your doctor to more effective treatment

In recent years, we have seen a furious development on the technological front, especially with regard to artificial intelligence. To provide good and effective health care, eClinic uses artificial intelligence in our symptom checker. You can also try!

The rapid technological development naturally makes people wonder which professions or roles artificial intelligence will take over.

For will artificial intelligence replace doctors in the future? Maybe faster than both you and I think? Should artificial intelligence determine what kind of medical treatment you should have?

In most cases today, the answer is no, says doctor Kjell Ivar Helgestad, but artificial intelligence can help ensure the quality and efficiency of much of the medical treatment we offer today.

It provides increased security for you.

Positive view of the development

Kjell Ivar Helgestad has run a GP practice at Hvaler for almost 20 years. In his time, he was among the first GPs in Norway to use video consultation. Helgestad has also worked as a pediatrician and municipal chief physician.

For him, it is important that his patients receive the best treatment in the shortest possible time. It is highly compatible with eClinic's values ​​of proper treatment at the right time - no matter where you are.

Kjell Ivar Helgestad is now one of the doctors who wants to be part of the exciting development in e-health.

Watch him talk about eClinics Symptom Checks:

At the bottom of the article, you can also see Kjell Ivar Helgestad demonstrate a practical example of how useful eClinic's symptom checks can be in a case where you have symptoms that may be compatible with acute appendicitis.

As a GP, Kjell Ivar Helgestad asks carefully selected questions every single day to bring out the patient's symptoms and ailments. In this way, he can make the correct diagnosis so that the patient receives the right treatment in the fastest possible time.

If you try eClinic's symptom checks yourself, you will find that they are fun and easy to use. It asks you a series of questions and then suggests a diagnosis.

Most doctors work long days and also have an emergency room in the afternoon, evening, night and weekend, says Helgestad.

In most cases, doctors arrive at a correct diagnosis, but unfortunately not always.

The accuracy of the correct diagnosis depends on many factors, including the doctor's competence, experience and condition. An exhausted, overworked doctor more often makes mistakes. Unfortunately, that's just the way it is.

12.000 diseases

As a doctor, it is important to stay up to date at all times. Today, there are diagnoses of over 12.000 recognized diseases. In addition, symptoms may vary based on, for example, the patient's gender.

With artificial intelligence and new advanced tools, you, doctors and other healthcare professionals can ensure the quality and reduce the risk of errors.

The symptom checker from eClinic is one such tool - and it is world-class.

The symptom checker helps both you and your doctor

With the Symptom Checker as an aid, you as a patient can enter the symptoms and ailments you already have before you come in contact with the doctor.

As mentioned, eClinic's symptom checks ask you various questions similar to questions you will receive from an experienced doctor.

The result is a list of the most likely diagnoses based on your answers and a recommendation to you as a patient about what you should do next.

If it picks up critical or life-threatening symptoms, it will, for example, give you a recommendation to see an emergency room immediately or contact a medical emergency number.

The symptom checker also takes into account more exotic diagnoses

Are you traveling or have you returned home from abroad? eClinic's symptom checks also take into account more exotic diagnoses that your GP may not often think about.

Among other things, you will be able to get questions about whether you have been traveling for the past 12 months, and other questions that may be relevant to your symptoms.

The symptom checker is accurate and safe

Our symptom checker has proven that it has great accuracy. It can currently make around 900 diagnoses based on around 12.000 symptoms. And it just gets smarter and smarter with time.

To ensure the quality of the algorithms the tool uses to make diagnoses, the team behind eClinic's symptom checks has put in over 40.000 specialist hours.

The tool is completely safe to use, and is adapted to medical standards in the Nordic countries.

The symptom checker is available in Norwegian, Danish and English, among others, and can also be expanded with 23 other languages ​​as needed - this is important with our long-term growth plans in mind.

The symptom checker in combination with conversation

When it comes to the practical use of the symptom checker, we know that digital self-help solutions are not for everyone. In some cases, it will therefore be necessary to talk to healthcare professionals, and this is also something eClinic offers.

Talk to your healthcare provider as needed

Not everyone is comfortable with digital self-help solutions. And sometimes it's also important to talk to a human being.

In some situations, it is simply necessary to talk to health professionals who can listen, give advice and guidance. At eClinic, we call this our medical safety net.   

Our nurses use the same analysis engine as the Symptom Checker and provide qualified advice. The conversation is structured and documented in the patient record. 

Talk to your doctor after using the Symptom Checker

If you and an assisted nurse find that you need a closer assessment from a doctor, the doctor will be able to read through the digital dialogue that you have had with the symptom checker and assess the result and suggest further follow-up.

In this way, the use of time can be made more efficient, as eClinic's symptom checks have already narrowed the number of possible diagnoses.

The whole process takes no more than a couple of minutes.

This provides an efficient and safe patient experience, while at the same time showing you the way forward to ensure the right treatment.

The symptom checker also takes into account dangerous symptoms and would rather recommend that you contact a healthcare professional immediately than look at it all. It is an extra security for you.

Assessment: Will artificial intelligence replace doctors?

Then we return to the question of whether artificial intelligence will replace doctors:

Kjell Ivar Helgestad does not believe that this will happen in the first place. Fortunately, studies show doctors that, on average, doctors are even better than a symptom checker, but the tools are getting better and better.

Tools that use artificial intelligence can be of great help to doctors and other health professionals. They will be able to analyze symptoms quickly, help the health sector with information flow and generally be a right hand man - read more about the details in the article The use of artificial intelligence in the health sector does not replace doctors.

Nevertheless, there will always be tasks that only humans can perform. Empathy can not be replaced, and if you have serious health problems or illnesses, it will always be good to talk to a person.  

However, artificial intelligence, used correctly, will help make both your and my everyday life both safer and easier. Together we can streamline your need for medical treatment and ensure the right treatment at the right time.

How the Symptom Checker works:

To show how the Symptom Checker works in practice (and to show the accuracy), eClinic has asked Kjell Ivar Helgestad to test it out with a practical example.

The premise is that he is based on an imaginary patient, an 18-year-old man, who is struggling with obesity and has symptoms such as abdominal pain and a mild fever.

The goal is both to show what kind of questions you can get, and to see if the symptom checker makes the correct diagnosis. Kjell Ivar Helgestad describes current symptoms, and examines whether eClinic's symptom checks come with a correct diagnosis as here appendicitis with a recommendation to seek medical attention immediately.

You can see the result for yourself:

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Symptom checker

eClinics Symptom Checker is an advanced AI tool with 880 diagnoses. It gives you an overview of possible causes of your symptoms and health problems. You will receive advice on what to do next.

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