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eClinic will revolutionize established medical value chains

eClinic is a provider of medical services - we use advanced, technological solutions to revolutionize established value chains, says CFO Gøran Gresholt.

Our most important driving force is to develop and deliver boundless medical care for people in a world with increased digitalisation and mobility.

"I think none of us can fully imagine the scope of all the possibilities for new medical services that lie ahead!"

This is what Gøran Gresholt, finance manager and one of the founders of eClinic, says. You can see Gøran's presentation further down the page.

eClinic's mission is to deliver perceived security. The right help at the right time, no matter where you are in the world.

eClinic has assembled teams with long experience

eClinic is already an established medical service provider, where we have assembled a team with long experience.

Some of the people in the team behind eClinic.

Among them is Gøran Gresholt, who has over 30 years of industry experience from medical emergency center services and international assistance, including many years of service development in the Norwegian Air Ambulance. 

Have great faith in the company

In a world with increasing medical needs and new technological opportunities, the financial prospects for the company are very good.

Population growth, longer life expectancy and greater economic room for maneuver for several million people will mean that in the future the health service will have to operate in a different way than today.

EClinic is ready for that.   

In addition to being an established service provider with a team of long experience, eClinic is now developing and using advanced, digital solutions into new value chains for its customers.

The team's ambitions and financial management speed are decisive for how high the list should be placed.

Future sales

Finance manager Gøran Gresholt believes it is realistic to plan for a turnover close to NOK XNUMX billion over the next five years.   

This is because our medical solutions and concepts are easily adaptable and scalable, says Gøran.

eClinic is a solid company that can adapt to different business areas and different geographical markets. We have several partners, and a large worldwide contact network that enables us to carry out our ambitions.

eClinic's sources of revenue

eClinic has its revenues from the sale of subscriptions with different service levels. We offer various agreements for both individuals and companies. eClinic can help you ensure that you and your family can receive health care at home or while traveling, or help employers comply with their duty of care.

The company provides services from A to Z, including emergency services, medical services in the various markets and safe patient transport from all over the world.

In order to achieve profitability and competitiveness, our focus is on digitizing both processes and services.

eClinic will challenge and change - and also revolutionize - the traditional value chains.

To achieve good results, the goal is to work smart, efficiently and correctly with costly medical resources, which are a growing scarce commodity in most countries.

Even in a growing market with an increasing number of players and competition, an operating margin of 20% is within reach in 5 years, Gøran believes.

“I really believe that we have the right prerequisites for success in the market of opportunities. This is because we have with us competence, experience and important access to resources and a network from 30 years in the industry, ”says Gøran Gresholt.

eClinic has also shown in practice that we can deliver. 

The growth so far

During the first five start-up years, eClinic has achieved a total turnover of more than NOK 125 million, with a positive operating profit of 10%.

Even in the corona year 2020 when the travel market collapsed, eClinic managed a small profit.

All profits have been returned to development work, which together amounts to more than NOK 50 million.

This is unique and unique in start-up companies.

Capital increase for further development

EClinic is now seeking 50 million in new capital to finance our ambitions.  

New capital will be used to expand their sales organization for sales in Norway, the Nordic countries and in the international market. 

We will continue the work of developing eClinic's services and not least develop and implement new digital solutions for a rapidly growing market.

The minimum subscription for the capital increase has already been reached.

Now eClinic wants to invite you on the journey!

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