Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Here you will find an overview of answers to the most common questions we receive. Feel free to contact us if anything is missing.

General FAQ

Membership is made by registration on the website
There are different prices for the services, you will find the price on the booking page
Booking is always open for appointments. Therapists post available hours both during the day and in the evening.
If you are unable to make your appointment, you must notify us about your cancellation no later than 24 hours before your scheduled visit. The amount will be refunded in full to the payment card you used.
If you do not show up for an booked hour, you are not entitled to a refund of the amount paid. You can book a new session, and pay full price. As a user of the services, you agree that you do not have a right of cancellation / cancellation for consultations that are agreed on the same day and for video meetings that are canceled later than 24 hours before they are to start.
No, you can cancel your membership via the membership portal at any time.
Yes, the whole team speaks English. In addition, the team is fluent in multiple languages.

All health personnel in eClinic have Norwegian authorizations and broad experience from clinics. Most have connections to hospitals and emergency rooms in addition to working in eClinic.

Our services are provided as a video or telephone consultation, and consultation based on the exchange of information in a secure environment.

Medical Service FAQ

We can assist in a wide range of disciplines. A lot can be solved through a video consultation, but sometimes it is necessary with a physical examination, referral to a specialist or sampling. Then we can arrange a referral.

If you experience acute and severe symptoms that require immediate help, you should contact 113 or the emergency room 116117. If you use our symptom checker, this will also guide you there in such situations. The same applies to diseases and injuries that require physical examination or sampling.

Examples of time-critical conditions where you have to contact 113: -

  • Acute severe chest pain
  • Signs of stroke
  • Unconsciousness and seizures 
  • Severe breathing problems

The same applies to complications and infections during pregnancy.

Yes, children under the age of 16 can use the service accompanied by a parent. The parent must log in with their own BankID in advance. People over the age of 16 can use the service alone and can use their own BankID.

We have the same duty to keep records as other health services. This is done in accordance with national guidelines and requirements. Your contacts with us are recorded. We have a duty of confidentiality and do not share our notes with GPs or the health service, unless you agree to this. We have access to the core journal and e-prescription broker and can retrieve information from here.

Our doctors can print short-term sick leave for acute illness. As a general rule, we do not have the opportunity to extend existing sick leave. Special rules apply to Covid-19, where we can print out sick leave by video consultation.

We can write doctor's statements in case of urgent need. We can not issue medical declerations/certificates in relation to work, driver's license, insurance, exams ie certificates that require physical examinations. Chronic disease.
Need for exemption from gymnastics or similar activities
Sick leave / absence for military exercises.
Medical certificates for receiving public services or benefits
Medical certificates for driving licenses and other declarations that require a physical examination

Yes, we can help you with prescriptions and extend some existing prescriptions. However, we do recommend that you contact your GP for excisting prescriptions.
As a general rule, we can not prescribe addictive drugs (A- and B-preparations).
This also applies to Pregabalin (-Lyrica) and Gapapentin
We also cannot prescribe drugs that require a physical examination before starting or following up with sampling or close medical check-ups.

Yes, our doctors can prescribe an international prescription within limited time frames. Our prescriptions are valid at most pharmacies within the EU

YES, our doctors can provide referrals to both public and private health services. It is the doctor's professional assessment that determines where you may be referred. We relate to the referral criteria defined by the specialist health service.

All our services are digital and to get a "fit to fly" declaration you must have a physical medical examination

Mental Health Service FAQ

It can be useful to get help from a professional conversation partner when you have known over time that thoughts and feelings affect you in everyday life and / or go beyond your sleep. Seek help when you experience discomfort, reduced activity level or functioning at work / privately and when it drains you of energy and profits. If you have severe mental symptoms, such as severe depression, substance abuse or psychosis problems and / or suicidal thoughts, we recommend that you contact your GP or psychiatric emergency room.

Yes, there is an age limit of 18 years to be able to book a conversation with a psychologist / therapist, see more information on the page that deals with mental health.

Yes, a digital consultation at eClinic is the same as a physical hour with a therapist / psychologist. Our experienced psychologists and therapists have worked digitally for a long time and research shows that digital conversation therapy has as good an effect as ordinary conversation therapy in a physical office.

If you order a digital consultation with us, the first consultation will be a conversation mapping of 45 minutes where we get to know you and what you want input on. Here we will uncover what you find challenging as well as what you need further help and create goals and a plan. Sometimes 1-3 consultations with advice, support and guidance are enough, other times you need more time. It depends on the scope and duration of the problem. Topics we usually handle in therapy is the need for change, depression, the long-term effects of a pandemic, stress, exhaustion and burnout, anxiety, conflicts, relational/couple difficulties, stress/strain in the family or at work, crisis, grief, loss, loneliness. Furthermore, other topics you need to adress in a session with a professional therapist.

Nursing Service FAQ

Triage is a structured interview supported by our AI tool. The tool is a professional guidance for nurses to ask the right questions and give you good advice.

Information Security FAQ

eClinic processes personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act. Information that can be linked to you as an individual will never be made available to other companies or be linked to other external registers. More detailed information on the collection and storage of personal information can be found under the Privacy Statement (at the bottom of the website).

All data traffic, including video conferencing, is protected by encryption. Both patients and healthcare professionals log in with BankID, which secures their identity.

Information about the appointment is processed in accordance with the Privacy Act and the Patient Safety Act. We do not record video meetings. Health personnel document consultation in medical records. We process your health information in a safe and good way.

Technical FAQ

Yes, eClinic uses BankID / BankID on mobile to ensure the correct identity of the patient. If you are under 16, parents or guardians can book an appointment with their Bank ID

You can use the service on PC / Mac and Andriod/ iPhone

Try this:

Make sure you are logged in ahead of time. Login takes place with BankID or BankID on mobile.

Check that you have fast and stable internet or 4G. If you can not talk to us due to technical problems, you are welcome to book a new appointment. Use the contact form so that we can get a refund for the first consultation.