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The articles on eClinic's pages are intended as general information and are not suitable for diagnosing your own symptoms. For advice and health professional follow-up, it is recommended to book a consultation, or to use ours Symptom checker.

eClinic most advanced in the Nordic region

I am proud to be able to quote Rune Paulsen in Visolit who says that eClinic has the most advanced medical Azure solution in the Nordics, says May Lailia Furuli - Head of Operations Services at eClinic.

In the last 5 years, we have invested NOK 50 million in the development of eClinic's collaboration platform and medical control system. Our solution operates in a secure zone on the Microsoft Azure platform.

With us on the team, we have people with 30 years of experience from the health sector and IT, says May Laila Furlui. The management team itself has broad operational experience, and we as a team have a long career with challenges related to international assistance, ambulance flights, travel insurance, and also international sales and marketing.

Intensive care nurse May Lailia Furuli is one of the founders of eClinic and head of eClini's operational services.

My commitment

Everyone at eClinic is committed to giving our customers the best experience with healthcare.

May Lailia Furuli herself says that her involvement in eClinic is based on her experience as a specialist nurse in international medical assistance and the interest in how new technology can give us all a better health everyday life.

Her focus is to provide the right and effective medical assistance to eClinic's customers. 

Watch COO May Laila Furuli tell more in the video below:

eClinic is a complete health solution

Our customers need everything from simple advice on the phone to planning and performing complex patient transports with ambulance and scheduled flights from all corners of the world.

Some also need equipment that allows them to follow their own values ​​from home. Others want to check symptoms and get feedback on what they should do next.

eClinic can deliver all this together with our partners.

COO Furuli's experience as an intensive care nurse and technology enthusiast means that she and the rest of the team at eClinic can offer proper help to right time - no matter where you are in the world.

New technology offers new opportunities

With its three decades in the medical assistance industry, we at eClinic have been on a formidable technology journey, says May Lailia Furuli.

- New technology provides new opportunities for smart and efficient tools, solutions and systems.  

Our symptom checker uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to assess symptoms, find dependencies and common patterns in the data. 

It just gets smarter and smarter over time.  

How does the Symptom Checker work?

The symptom checker works in many ways like a conversation with your doctor would. First, give the symptom checker some information about yourself (age, gender, any existing health problems). Once you have done this, you will be asked to describe the symptoms.

After 3-5 minutes you will receive a feedback on possible diagnoses.

Using the Symptom Checker gives you advice on what to do next. This is very useful for you who have unexplained symptoms.

SEE ALSO: Doctor Kjell Ivar Helgestad as demonstrates the use of symptom checks.

Although we believe that technological development offers fantastic new opportunities, we also know that digital self-help solutions are not for everyone. 

Talk to your healthcare provider directly

In some situations, it is necessary to talk to health professionals who can listen, give advice and guidance. At eClinic, we call this our medical safety net.  

Our customers can call eClinic and talk to healthcare professionals when needed. 

Our nurse uses the same analysis engine as the symptom checker and provides qualified advice. The conversation is structured and documented in the patient record.

International travel assistance

In addition to symptom checks and equipment for use at home, we also offer travel assistance. eClinic can give you help where you are.

eClinic has a large network, with over 100 doctors and nurses ready to help you when needed.

Our solution ensures good interaction across national borders. Patient data and records are stored securely and can be made available to healthcare professionals across national borders.

This helps healthcare professionals make the right decisions about how they can best treat you.

Good to know if you need help traveling!

Future development

EClinic has invested NOK 50 million in the development of eClinic over the past 5 years and we have come a long way in the development. - But we are going much further, and the development never stops.

The team behind eClinic has a common vision of what we want to achieve with eClinic, but each of us also has his individual drive.

May Laila Furuli says that “In addition to the community with the team, my motivation over the years has been creativity, change, influence, development, and not least the joy of making a difference for fellow human beings, whether they are patients, customers, partners. , suppliers or colleagues. ” 

Contact us

Get in touch to learn more about our services and how they can be adapted to fit into different insurance and occupational health services.

Symptom checker

eClinics Symptom Checker is an advanced AI tool with 880 diagnoses. It gives you an overview of possible causes of your symptoms and health problems. You will receive advice on what to do next.

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