Take the doctor's office with you wherever you are

Life can be hectic – but getting a reliable diagnosis, treatment plan, or prescription when you or your children are sick doesn't have to be.

The eClinic platform, with one of the world's most advanced AI symptom checks, and the virtual examination unit give you a safe and secure digital consultation.

With us, you get the same quality medical care online as you would at the doctor's office. eClinic is there for you XNUMX / XNUMX, from home, when traveling, on the boat, or in the cabin.

*Connection to a doctor via the doctor's case requires an active eClinic Extra membership

What can be examined with the digital medical case?

Conduct examinations with live images and real-time data stream from the patient to the doctor.


Examine the ear canal and eardrum for blockages and ear infections


Listen to lungs to check for lung disease

Mouth / throat

Examine the oral cavity and throat for infections


Listen to the heart and measure the heart rate


Measure body temperature


Take pictures of the skin to examine insect bites, rashes, and wounds and check for skin diseases

What is in the unit

  • Tyto App™ for conducting a guided survey (iOS and Android)
  • Container for the devices
  • Camera and thermometer device
  • Otoscope adapter for ear examinations
  • Stethoscope adapter for heart and lung examinations
  • Tongue depressor for mouth and throat examinations


Easy to use

You’ll get instructed on how to conduct the examinations you or your doctor need. The device will notify you when the quality of the examinations is good enough for a doctor to assess the situation. You can also conduct tests and contact medical personnel for a professional review afterward.

Security for you and your family

  • Take the survey you need
  • Contact us for a doctor’s appointment.
  • All data are securely stored in accordance with GDPR and medical records storage requirements.

eClinic platform

As a member of eClinic, you get access to a number of benefits and discounts based on which membership you have.

Symptom checker

eClinic subscriptions get free access to our AI symptom checker, which is adapted to Scandinavian conditions and languages.

Medical personnel

Our experienced nurses and doctors help you directly or recommend further courses with specialists.

Mental health

Access to numerous specialized services for mental health treatment.

Response center

As Access member, you have access to direct contact with our medical response center 24 hours a day.

Change habits

Self-help services to change habits and learn more about your challenges.

Dig Physiotherapy

Get rid of ailments, pains and/or injuries with the help of digital physiotherapy.


You choose whether you want to be referred for treatment in the public sector, use your insurance or our specialists.


You can choose whether you want to send a message with a picture to the dermatologist or order a video consultation.