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Digital physiotherapy

Increase your quality of life with a less painful everyday life with the help of physiotherapy and training set in a system with notifications and e-mails. The exercise app that helps you recover from muscle & joint pain. The app adjusts your exercise plan according to your specific needs.

Digital physiotherapy

Why choose eClinic digital physiotherapy

Rehabilitation of injured muscles and joints starts with targeted, regular exercise.

This is a well-documented and effective method for reducing muscle and joint pain.

With Injurymap, you are already on your way to a pain-free life.

The app is designed by medical specialists to give you safe and effective treatment.

The average Injurymap user experiences a 48% reduction in pain after just 8 weeks of exercise.

Start exercising now. We support you through every step of the way.

Get a program tailored to your pain and injuries

We tailor the app experience and treatment plan to your goals and problem.

All the training programs, notifications, emails and tips you get in the app are based on this approach.

Feedback from users of digital physiotherapy

Cool and adaptable. Video guides that clearly show what to do.
Targeted exercises for a variety of common pains. For all exercises a good and illustrative video that goes through the exercise as well as timing. This app is good.
Very good app. It has many different exercises you can do anywhere. The app is good for reminding you when it's time for the next training session. I have used it to treat my tennis elbow, and I highly recommend it.

Easy to implement

The exercises you receive in your training program are based on the information you provide.

The training program is divided into 3 different phases:

You can use your phone or tablet to exercise anytime and anywhere you want. 

All you need is 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week. 

The app sends you reminders so you remember to complete the exercises. 


Phase 1 focuses on simple mobility exercises to prepare you for the exercises that come later in the program.


Phase 2 contains exercises to gain stability and strength in the injured area.


Phase 3 focuses on exercises that will strengthen the balance and stability of the area, so that you can regain normal function.

Realistic goals and simple instructions

With affordable weekly goals, exercises that do not require equipment to be completed, and helpful instructional videos, we make sure that all you need to focus on is performing the exercises.

An active everyday life prevents pain and injuries

An active daily routine will help you prevent and reduce muscle and joint pain.

To avoid stiffening in the body, it is therefore important to continue to be physically active.

Sometimes it can be challenging to change or establish new habits.

The self-help programs we offer in collaboration with Easychange can also be useful.

eClinic digital physiotherapy in collaboration with Injurymap