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Even better health care with eClinic

Photo: From left general manager Gerd Magna Wold, head of operational services, May Laila Furuli, finance manager Gøran Gresholt and medical director Asgeir Kvam

We have a fantastic healthcare system the Nordic countries. eClinic believe that health care can be even better - both at home and internationally. At eClinic, you get the opportunity to quickly clarify further treatment courses, medical follow-up while travelling, and much more.

We at eClinic have great ambitions: We want to create a safer health everyday no matter where you are. The right treatment at the right time.

With the team we have gathered, we have all the prerequisites to manage this, says general manager Gerd Magna Wold in eClinic. The management team has broad operational experience and long experience from both IT and the health sector. We have worked with international assistance, ambulance flights, travel insurance, international sales and marketing for 30 years.

Our innovative solutions challenge established processes and create fantastic opportunities for better health for all of us.

Over the course of 5 years, we have invested NOK 50 million in the development of eClinic's collaboration platform and medical control system.

Our solution is operated in a secure zone on the Microsoft Azure platform, and is according to Rune Paulsen in Visolit the most advanced medical Azure solution in the Nordic region, says May Laila Furuli, head of operational services.

To further develop our solutions and invest internationally, we are looking for new investors who will join the journey. The minimum subscription has already been reached and the goal is to reach a total of NOK 50 million to finance our ambitions. The minimum subscription amount is NOK 15.000 and our new shareholders will also become a member of eClinic for extra security for themselves and their families.

For investors who can invest 100.000 or more, we offer special conditions, says Gerd.

eClinic invites you to a capital increase

Register to access the prospectus, subscription form and other information.


Health care and clarification

In Norway and the Nordic countries, we have hospitals and emergency rooms with qualified personnel who provide very good health care around the clock.

What can often be a challenge is to get help with initial clarifications so that, if necessary, you get into the correct course of treatment where you are.

eClinic helps you with medical clarifications.

Smart AI-based symptom checker

eClinic uses a smart AI-based symptom checker for you to get quick medical help. It takes 3 to 5 minutes to get started. The symptom checker is available in Norwegian, English, Danish and a further 23 other languages.

When you need it, you can use the symptom checker to get answers. You conduct an interview and answer questions and get a good answer on what you should do next.

And should you wish, our doctors and nurses are always available for consultations.

8 million have tried the symptom checker

To date, more than 8 million patients have used this service. eCLinic's symptom checks get smarter and smarter the more people who use it.

Today, it can make around 900 diagnoses, based on an analysis of over 12.000 symptoms. In 93% of cases, the indicated diagnosis is correct.

You can be absolutely sure that it is safe to use our symptom checker. The system is adapted to the Nordic medical standard, and more than 40.000 specialist hours have been invested to ensure the quality of the algorithms used.

See general manager Gerd Magna Wold who presents eClinic with May Furuli and finance manager Gøran Gresholt


eClinic streamlines healthcare

With population growth, increased life expectancy and one aging population we have to make the health care system more efficient, and to work in new ways.

"EClinic's ambition is to be a leading digital clinic that streamlines the global health market," says Gerd Magna Wold.

We have set ourselves hairy goals, and our smart symptom checker is one of the tools that will help us streamline processes in the health care system.

When using smart tools, a lot can be clarified in advance without you having to physically consult a doctor or hospital. Surveys show that this applies to as many as 81% of users.

When you can get help to clarify your medical needs before you travel to the doctor or hospital, this means that we ease the pressure on the doctors' offices, emergency rooms and hospitals. Think how much time and money can be saved for everyone, says Gerd Magna Wold enthusiastically.

A bonus is that you save time and that this also saves the environment from unnecessary travel.

Get help anywhere in the world

eClinic is your medical safety net when you are traveling. Our ambition is to ensure you the right treatment at the right time, no matter where you are in the world.

We have invested NOK 50 million in building our technical foundation. Now we are going to build our international sales force and are ready for launch.

Great potential for growth

The market for travel and the duty of care has now awakened from its slumber and the opportunities for growth are very great.

We can go several ways, but we will focus on the capital we are now raising membership and international companies.

We will increase the membership volume and welcome all new shareholders so that everyone can become a member and recruit even more. You can read more and download the prospectus this spring Investor portal.

You are welcome to join us on this exciting journey!

Contact us

Get in touch to learn more about our services and how they can be adapted to fit into different insurance and occupational health services.

Symptom checker

eClinics Symptom Checker is an advanced AI tool with 880 diagnoses. It gives you an overview of possible causes of your symptoms and health problems. You will receive advice on what to do next.

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