eClinic posed with ambulance aircraft during the Greenland E-Extreme

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AMS posed with ambulance aircraft during Greenland Extreme-E

Weekend 28.-29. August, the motorsport race Extreme-E was held in Greenland. With them on the team were, among others, Advanced Medical Support (AMS) who provided standby ambulance aircraft to be able to carry out medical evacuation. 

Extreme-E was held under very demanding conditions near Russell Glacier in Greenland. Geography, weather and infrastructure make it very difficult to carry out medical treatment and possible evacuation in the area.

"We are talking extreme sports and extreme location about 20 km of bad gravel roads towards Russell glacier so logistically something of a challenge even when you consider that the nearest trauma center would be Rikshospitalet, Copenhagen (4 hours flight), alternatively Reykjavik.", So doctor Bjørn Søeberg sums up the situation.

Due to the conditions, it was necessary for the organizer to have an ambulance aircraft on standby, in case of an accident. This is in addition to the significant medical device MDD Europe had established on site. Therefore, MDD Europe had engaged AMS to solve this part of the assignment.

AMS is a natural choice for such assignments, as they have extensive experience in the industry. Not only in terms of medicine, but also in connection with planning and preparation for assignments under demanding conditions.

In the days before the race, it was trained together with local players so that they had a good collaboration. The team at AMS has stated that they were very impressed with what they have achieved from temporary facilities in the tough landscape up there.  

Extensive experience makes it possible to carry out such assignments

AMS has operated in collaboration with Air Alsie in Greenland before, and could therefore bring this experience into the assignment and provide some prior knowledge of what they could expect. 

The ambulance aircraft was on standby throughout the event and had the necessary equipment. With this equipment, they could provide prehospital treatment, as well as continue this treatment during transport over several hours.

The trip from the runway to the airport in Kangerlassuaq would take approx. 30 minutes. At this time, flight nurse Tor Olav Olesrud would have prepared all the equipment that would be needed, based on a report from doctor Bjørn Søeberg.

The medical team has extensive experience in transporting demanding intensive care patients, but on this assignment the situation would still be different. Usually, patients to be transported are stable and prepared for the journey to a hospital. In Greenland, this would not be possible - the only option would be to evacuate, even if the patient is unstable.

Precisely for this reason, a high level of competence, detailed planning and joint training was absolutely necessary, so that the team was best prepared to handle such a situation.

Necessary with good partners

As previously mentioned, AMS was engaged by MDD Europe to solve this assignment. MDD had the medical responsibility during the event, while AMS was responsible for any medical evacuation. 

This clearly shows how important it is to have good partners and a network to be able to meet the challenges that can arise during an event under such extreme conditions. 

An ambulance flight service consists of an aircraft operation and a medical part. AMS is a medical company, and works closely with the airline Airwing on the delivery of the ambulance flight service.

"It would not be possible for us to offer ambulance flights without good partners such as Airwing" - May Laila Furuli, COO AMS.

What's next for AMS?

They provided ambulance aircraft under Greenland Extreme-E, but this is just one of many services the company can offer.

Under the umbrella eClinic, AMS offers a complete health solution. eClinic's goal is to create a safer health everyday for 1 billion people. 

Through eClinic, medical experience, digital tools and artificial intelligence are combined. It provides better health care to all.

At eClinic, the focus is on patients: They must receive the right treatment at the right time.

The services offered through eClinic

Together with its partners, the company can deliver everything from ambulance aircraft, international assistance and patient transport, to symptom checks driven by artificial intelligence and symptom analysis. They offer online medical care, but also physical treatment and can be present where they are needed.

The approach is holistic, which is reflected in the service offering. They offer help before travel or seek medical help, when something happens - no matter where, and follow-up after incidents.

Everything is delivered through a secure medical interaction platform.

Among the digital medical services, the dermatological service is launched first, but it will eventually be possible to get help in a number of specialist fields.

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